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Preventative Maintenance of Die Cutting Equipment
The most overlooked part of a hydraulic machine, believe it or not, is the hydraulic oil. The condition of the hydraulic oil is the condition of your machine. Running a machine on dirty or broken-down oil results in a decreased tonnage ability, decreased cutting speed, and increased service problems. A dirty or clogged oil filter will also affect performance significantly. The flow of oil to the machine is decreased, putting extra strain on the pump and valves. The machine then has to work harder, putting stress on the components. We recommend changing oil and filters at least once a year and possibly more, depending on press usage. Over the past 25 years, we have noticed that customers who change oil and filters on a regular basis have significantly reduced not only their service bill but also their down time on machinery.

Another significant problem is incorrect valve settings. Depending on the type of machine, this can lead to lower tonnage, decreased or increased speed, uneven cutting (the press is out of balance), and increased operating temperature of the machine, resulting in a malfunction of pumps, valves, and cylinders. M.A. Die Cutting Specialists can properly assess the valve settings that you need for your press and application and prevent machine damage from improper settings.   

One other common problem is leaks in hydraulic machinery. A malfunctioning press that seems like it has a costly valve problem can sometimes be repaired by changing something as simple as a hardened "O" ring. On older presses, by changing hard, old, and brittle "O" rings and seals, you can significantly improve the perfornance of your die cutting machinery. Remember that not all leaks are external, in fact most of the biggest problems are internal leaks. An internal leak is difficult to determine from the outside of the press and your machine may start doing unusual things, such as the head coming down halfway, unevenly, or at different speeds throughout the downstroke. A valve can look brand new on the outside, but oil can actually pass from a high-pressure port to a low-pressure port and never leak out onto the floor.

M.A. Die Cutting specializes in maintaining and repairing die cutting equipment from Samco and Atom. We are experienced professionals at keeping your costs down and minimizing down time, increasing your production. We offer economical solutions to your die cutting problems, whether service needs or locating used machinery for your application.

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